Macro Targets of Water and Wastewater Affairs

 Balancing between resources and consumptions
Quantitative and qualitative protection and promotion of water resource exploitation in each basin of country by approaching integrated and general management of water resources
 participating of all stakeholders and equitable access of all people to safe and sufficient water.

Mission of Deputy of Water And Wastewater Affairs

Ministry of Energy in water section is responsible for water
resources sustainable management of country and is protector of water relevant rights of the country among the neighboring and regional countries. Ministry of Energy in water section by considering intrinsic, economical, security, political and environmental  value of this vital stuff  as one of main basis of sustainable development and country master plan, tries to supply safe , sufficient water according to national capacities by quantitative and qualitative sustainable management of water resources and consumptions and by this mission, it can approve it`s role as promoter of health, welfare and sustainable improvements.

Water Resources